Evolution Of HTML

For this reason, in 2004, the companies Apple, Mozilla and Opera showed their concern about the lack of interest of the W3C in HTML and decided to organize in a new association called WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group). Since the publication of HTML 4.01, the standardization activity of HTML stopped and the W3C… Continue reading Evolution Of HTML

The Essential Logistics KPIs & Metrics You Need to Track

For example, using the WareIQ app that integrates with your choice of eCommerce platform, you can automatically send each customer a confirmation email and provide them with the tracking number and related details. You can view the order’s status in real-time as it goes through each stage, from processing to shipment and everything in between.… Continue reading The Essential Logistics KPIs & Metrics You Need to Track

What Is Testing A Product

LogRocket simplifies workflows by allowing Engineering, Product, UX, and Design teams to work from the same data as you, eliminating any confusion about what needs to be done. In this article, you will learn more about what product testing is, different types of testing, and you can conduct your own. User interviews and survey tools… Continue reading What Is Testing A Product